Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Trail Party 2012 is Back - Go Vote NOW

After receiving a lot of calls from access interests who want to be engaged in all aspects of the political process associated with the 2012 election cycle, The Trail Party 2012 blog has been reactivated and will run through the November general elections.

Our first commentary is on the California primary and the various state-wide and local tax initiative schemes being fronted by morally bankrupt bureaucrats and politicians who view the tax payer, property owners, and special trust accounts as their own personal piggy banks.

There have been a number of stories regarding the CA legislature’s continued theft of funds from special trust accounts and using those dedicated funds as a short-term bandage in a doomed-to-fail attempt to address the state’s fiscal crisis.

The Trail Party will be watching returns from California and other states where similar raids are occurring.  In addition, we will be watching to see if trail voters are finally going to put down their tire changing tools or oil filter wrenches long enough to go VOTE.   It does matter who you vote for and there is no better time than the present to vote for change.

Also, make a donation.  You have heard that money (e.g. donations) is the Mother’s Milk of Politics.  Your donation not only helps the candidate pay for ads, staff, phones, and travel – it more importantly says that YOU are vested in the candidate’s success and policies.

Feel free to leave a comment about issues or candidates you would like The Trail Party to cover.


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